Amazing Five-Star NYC Restaurants That Will Make You Want A Sugar Daddy

There are so many great restaurants in New York City, but unfortunately you will never get to experience the majority of them without a fat-pocketed sugar daddy. It goes against all your hopes and values, but, if you did just happen to find yourself a sugar daddy, the NYC restaurant scene would be your oyster. Check out this list of amazing NYC restaurants that will make you seriously consider throwing it all out the window and seducing a rich older man.



With just 26 seats available, getting a reservation at Masa is a veritable ordeal, but if you can swing it, you’re looking at a $400–$750 bill per person for this life-altering 26-course meal. This extravagant and pricey dining experience, when viewed course-by-course, just might be worth exchanging for an uncomfortable makeout session in the back of a limo.


Per Se

There are no specific recommendations on the menu for this “over‑the‑top magnificent” restaurant, because it changes daily according to whatever fresh ingredients they can find. The Napa Valley-inspired menu will cost about $310 per person before wine, an entirely achievable sum, provided you have a successful elderly stranger by your side whom you’re willing to blow. It may seem like a high price to pay, but food critics insist that this dining experience is worth it.




The ingredients that define this restaurant are flown in straight from Japan, which explains why it’s so expensive. The “omakase experience” can run $300 or more, which for most of us is sugar daddy territory. While you could dine more reasonably, wouldn’t you rather live a little for the small price of pretending to be a guy your grandfather’s age’s girlfriend on a weekend getaway with his extended family? You can have it all!


Chef’s Table

This restaurant consists of 16 seats, 20 courses, and one incredibly expensive and exclusive dining experience. For a $225 prix-fixe dinner, the reservation is not an easy one to make. But if you’re fortunate enough to consider doing butt stuff with a long-retired CEO, the food is well worth the trouble and patience. Double-check that he made reservations before you do anything though.



Eleven Madison Park

This ever-changing, multi-course menu focuses on the culinary history of New York and the ingredients that define the city’s palette. And if you want, you can customize the menu to accommodate personal preferences or dietary restrictions. So personalize your $225 prix-fixe dinner with a side of a man you’re not remotely attracted to but are now obligated to fuck, and you’ll be tasting the magic of the city’s palette in no time, whatever that means!


So with just a few doable yet scarring sexual favors to a stranger, you could be living it up at these swoon-worthy NYC eateries. Enjoy!