My Sugar Daddy Just Wants Me to Get Good Grades

I was always skeptical of sugar daddy sites like, but when I saw my grad school bills piling up, I realized I needed to be making a lot more money to stay in school without drowning in debt. Now I have a sugar daddy, but it’s not exactly what you think: all he wants is for me to get good grades.


Seriously, he just wants me to succeed!


Whenever I tell people I use this site to make money, I’m met with judgment: How does it work? Isn’t it just glorified prostitution? Trust me, I had all the same reservations before creating a profile but after I met James, my sugar daddy, all my fears subsided. He’s never expected anything from me and never made me feel uncomfortable. The only thing he was really insistent on was that I get all A’s in school. Kind of like a regular daddy, but without all the baggage. It works for the both of us!


“If I’m going to help finance your education, you’re going to have to take it seriously,” James told me in an early message before we began our relationship together. It was so nice to find a man who actually cares about me and my degree, and really just gets off on me doing my best.


In talking to other sugar babies, I’ve come to realize how lucky I am that James is my daddy. My friend Kirstie cuddles her rotten-smelling sugar daddy for money, while mine puts tuition checks in the mail as long as I send him my 4.0 report card at the end of every quarter. While my friend Donna is expected to have three-hour stimulating conversations with her sugar daddy over dinner, all I have to do is drop off a manilla folder packed with my tests, quizzes and papers for James to look over before saying, “Keep up the good work! I’m proud of you.”



Sometimes I wonder why James is so committed to putting me through school and making sure I do well, but people always say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. If this sixty-year-old man is willing to pay for me to finish my linguistics degree, I’m not going to make him feel weird about it. And who cares, because before I had a sugar daddy I was getting mostly Bs, and now I spend my weekends in the library making sure I don’t disappoint James when exam time comes around.


Ladies, if you’re nervous about the idea of having a sugar daddy, I am here to tell you to leave your expectations at the door and arrange a relationship that really works for the both of you. My sugar daddy just wants me to get into a respectable law school, not like one of those shady ones, and that’s okay with me!