Beautiful Sunrises Trish Takes For Granted

The truly beautiful thing about nature is that it’s here for all of us to enjoy. All of us who can take our eyes away from the prize for long enough to look around, that is. Here are the eight most beautiful sunrises that poor Trish, all caught up in the rat race, takes for granted.


Sunrise 1


1. This Sunrise Over a Lake

Trish might have 3,000 Twitter followers and a job in publishing, but she will never understand the beauty of seeing the first light of day dance upon a lake. No, Trish, appreciating nature can’t be added to your résumé.


Sunrise 2


2. This Sunrise in a National Park

Is there anything as beautiful as sleeping under the stars and awakening to watch the sun rise over the treetops, body glistening with refreshing drops of mountain dew? It’s such a shame that to Trish, “mountain dew” is just something she won’t let her children drink until they’re in college. Poor Trish.


Sunrise 3


3. This Wheat Field Sunrise

Trish’s scheduled, micromanaged, itemized life is far removed from the rural simplicity of a wheat field touched by golden light. Try putting that in a spreadsheet, Trish! Wait, no, Trish, that was rhetorical.


Sunrise 4


4. This Sunrise Over the New York City Skyline

To Trish, skyscrapers are places to network and stomp around in high heels. Too bad she’ll never be able to appreciate the sheer beauty of a cityscape at dawn—her view would be blocked by dollar signs. Honestly, we worry about her all the time.


Sunrise 5


5. This Rural Sunrise

The watercolor sky of a country morning is a type of beauty that Trish, for all her designer fashion and framed art prints, will never be able to fathom. You almost have to feel bad for someone who is so deaf to Mother Nature’s song.


Sunrise 6


6. This Sunrise Over 11 Ducks

The sheer beauty of this natural landscape in the early morning is so far from the cookie-cutter domestic bliss that Trish Facebooks about that they might as well exist in different worlds. Newsflash, Trish: Nature exists outside of Instagram.




7. This Ocean Sunrise

You know who lives a life of quiet desperation? Trish. She has no idea what it’s like to feel the wind in your hair and the waves between your toes on a beach before the whole world wakes, even if she does have that summer house in Maine.


Sunrise 8


8. Just a Regular Sunrise You Can See From Your House

Even if Trish saw this sunrise out her window, she’d be like, “Meh, what kind of meal will I cook for my family today? Let’s check iCal!” Another sunrise, wasted on Trish.


As the sun rises and sets, nature’s power cannot be denied, except by Trish, who insists that she doesn’t feel trapped in her high-efficiency, joyless life and to please stop sending her pictures of sunrises. Whatever, Trish!