Brave! This Couple Saw ‘Spencer’ Together During Their Rocky Period

Last Friday at 8:45 p.m., New York City couple Brenda Richards and Hakim Marshall went to see the premier of Spencer, even though they were in the middle of a really rocky period in their relationship.


Ok, talk about a brave move!


The Pablo Larraín film is about Princess Diana spending Christmas vacation with the royal family and ultimately deciding to leave Prince Charles after a rocky marriage, which is probably not the best thing for a couple in the middle of a big argument about whose  family’s house they should go to for Thanksgiving this year. But these two persevered and went to see the acclaimed film, anyway!


“Hakim really wants me to go to his parents’ house in Chicago,” Brenda told us after watching the film. “But I want to go to my aunt’s house in Tampa. Watching Spencer gave me a lot more ammo to use in our next fight about it.”


“Any time he brings it up again, I’m gonna say he’s acting ‘really Prince Charles right now,’” she said. “I’m pretty sure I’ll win every time!”


Yes, girl! Everyone knows that relationships take a lot of work, but going to see this movie surely made yours a lot harder!


“While it was hard to look my girlfriend in the eye or even acknowledge her presence at all throughout the whole movie, I think we had a pretty good time,” Hakim said. “The cinematography was amazing, but I know we’re probably not going to talk about it when we get home. Maybe we never will.”


Damn! Sounds like this film did a lot of emotional damage to this already unstable couple, but a couple who watches KStew’s performance as Princess Diana slay together stays together, we hope!



“I think things between us will be fine,” Brenda said. “Whenever we fight though, I will pretend that I’m living out Princess Diana’s dilemma with the Royal family, but that’s just how things are now!”


Amazing! Although maybe they should have just seen Eternals instead!