Woman Finally Makes Enough Money to Keep Teeth

In an inspiring story coming out of Charlotte, NC, 29-year-old Riley Perkins has finally started making enough money to keep all of her teeth.


Okay, girlboss!


Before getting her new job, Riley was constantly worried about the condition of her teeth, since out-of-pocket dental work was so expensive. But that all changed when she finally got a high-paying job as an engineer where everyone gets to keep all of their teeth, and even get to replace the teeth that aren’t there.


“I had a gum problem and couldn’t afford to fix it, but now I finally can,” Riley told us. “I may have irreversible gum damage after ignoring it for two years, but it’s nice to know that I could potentially do something about that now, too!”


Riley’s new insurance policy has a $3,000 deductible, but that isn’t stopping her from finally taking control of her teeth.


“After landing this engineering job, I was finally able to schedule the root canals that I desperately needed,” Riley said. “Even though I’ll still have to pay for most of it, it looks like I won’t be losing any teeth this year after all!”


Yes! We love to see women in the workplace keeping their chompers!


Riley also projects that her teeth will be much healthier in the future, simply because of her careful career choices.



“At this rate,” Riley said. “I should be able to put off getting veneers for another five to ten years!”


We certainly hope so!