Aww! This Woman Hosted Friendsgiving Even Though Her Only Friend is Her Mom

In a heartwarming story out of Tampa, FL, 32-year-old Kristin Newcomb hosted a stunning Friendsgiving dinner this Wednesday, even though her only friend is her mom, Janice.


“I always wanted to host a pre-thanksgiving feast for all of my friends,” says Kristin, who lives alone. “But then I kind of realized that the only person I ever really talk to or hang out with is my mom. So technically, my Friendsgiving is going to be exactly the same as my Thanksgiving.”


While Kristin has lots of acquaintances at work and in her neighborhood, all of them had other plans this Wednesday.


“I kind of figured I’d just text my group chat and see if anyone was around before the big holiday,” Kristin said. “But then I realized the only group chat I’m in is with my mom and my aunt Susan, who lives in Greece.”


While some would consider something like this just a “dinner with Mom,” Kristin sees things differently.


“My mom is my best friend,” says Kristin. “She’s actually my only friend. I really don’t have a lot of friends.”


What a charming display of honesty that makes us all feel a little weird!


“I’m cooking a turkey, sweet potato pie, and a special stuffing,” Kristin added. “All of my friend’s favorite foods!”


Hmm, okay!



“What’s cool is that this is just a warm-up for an even bigger feast on Thursday,” Kristin added. “We invited my mom’s neighbor and the mailman, so it’s going to be huge!”


Aww! We really hope they come!