How to Network Without Stalking People Like Prey

Physically going out and networking can be awkward and challenging, but it can also be hard work – especially when you are literally hunting professional contacts like prey. Is it possible to network without literally stalking people? Up until recently, the answer was, “Wow, no, absolutely not.” But now, young professionals are finding a new strategy with Shapr, a networking app where you swipe to find new professional connections – so you can finally connect with like-minded people without methodically attending networking events and hunting them down like game.


“Usually I just obsessively stalk promising leads on social media and at events, you know, like a seasoned tracker waiting for a big juicy buffalo to appear on the horizon,” says Alexis Ellant, who works in public relations. “It would be cool to not walk into a conference center like I’m searching for my next meal for once.”


Shapr is basically like if Tinder and LinkedIn had a baby – only you swipe for career connections instead of dick pics. Everyday, the app sends you a curated batch of 15 people who are actually insanely normal, interesting and smart. The app gets bonus points for making these selections based on your actual goals and interests, such as #marketing or #blogging. You just swipe right on the people you want to meet, and message to get coffee when the interest to connect is mutual.


“For years, if I was trying to make a business connection, I had to wait patiently in a bush for days waiting for the opportune moment to jump out and startle a complete stranger into giving me a job,” says data analyst Art Baldine. “I’m definitely looking for a reason to never sit inside a bush again.”


On Shapr, users only get matched when the professional interest is mutual. So, in a way, it’s kind of like that new connection’s been silently waiting under your desk! Of course, you’re still welcome to wait outside someone’s house for weeks, watch them through binoculars and learn everything about them so they can carefully orchestrate a meet-cute in which they casually ask someone to be their mentor. But now, they can do that just for the thrill of the hunt.


“I still track people in the corporate cafeteria and listen quietly in on their conversations to glean bits of knowledge about business strategy and consumer trends,” says Ellant. “But I no longer feel the need to invest in professional-grade binoculars.”


Finally, professionals everywhere are throwing their hunting fatigues in the trash and breaking down camp by the dumpster the place they hoped to work someday.


“Plus, no more restraining orders!” added Ellant. As she swiped through her daily Shapr batch, pupils dilated and heart rate increasing. So stop stalking and download Shapr today!


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