6 Netflix Original Series That Aren’t As Dramatic As Your Senior Year Cast Party

With captivating storylines, star-studded casts, and stunning visuals, Netflix’s critically acclaimed dramas are some of the best available to watch. And while these shows may capture the imagination of everyone who watches, they can’t even come close the insane shit that went down at your senior year cast party where half the cast ended up crying and one girl almost died, but here are six Netflix original series that you can try to enjoy even though they are nowhere near as dramatic!



A new take on the classic Western-genre, Godless is an unforgiving look into the lives of outlaws, cowboys, and sheriffs trying to make it in an unfair and unknown world. But there’s not a single scene in the show that’s as captivating as when gay Jason’s mom’s suede couch was ruined because straight Jason got too drunk off of Smirnoff Ice and barfed after trying to get everyone to do the opening number from Carousel.


The Crown

Spanning decades of the British Royal family’s rule, The Crown shows you the sacrifices and silent struggles of what it’s like to be a woman in power. Though there is no struggle in the series quite as difficult as Roger giving a sloppy blowjob to Tim underneath the beer pong table mid-game. That level of spit and stamina is something you’ll never see again!



Diving deep into the crime-riddled world of the Missouri Ozarks, this show is sure to keep you on your toes. But even though Laura Linney’s nuanced performance makes you question how far you’d go to protect your own family, there’s no moment in the show nearly as intense as when you were playing Truth or Dare and your best friend full-on made out with the guy you liked even though the dare was to “kiss him” and then actually said “I’m really in love with YOU” and then you both ended up crying. Now that’s some fucking drama!


The OA

A supernatural thriller, The OA explores what it means to come close to death and survive. Which doesn’t even near the time Michael S. overheard the dance captain telling everyone in the kitchen that he would’ve gotten the lead over you this year if your director didn’t play favorites or do non-traditional casting. I mean, pretty fucking rude of him to say! Also, he got waitlisted NYU Tisch for Musical Theatre, not that you’re judging!



Jessica Jones

A gritty Marvel Series following a complex female character is in no way short of groundbreaking. But it is in no way as earth-shattering as walking in on the stage crew members, Matt, Maddi, and Erin three-way making out in the couch upstairs after Erin told you SPECIFICALLY not to let her make out with Matt after last years braces-getting-caught-in-glasses fiasco. You made your bed, Erin! Lie in it!


Some days there’s nothing better than curling up and watching a prestige drama on Netflix. But remember, despite how “binge-worthy” these shows might be, none of will affect you as deeply as the things you said or did to prove you were cool when you were a musical theater-loving teen!