Erica’s Annual Oscar Party Snubbed Third Consecutive Year

Several sources are confirming that Erica Dunbar has experienced another humiliating snub at her Oscar party in Los Angeles Sunday evening, after her friends did not attend her soirée for the third consecutive year. The 26-year-old watched the awards ceremony in complete solitude while once again forcing a smile of acceptance and support for Erica Winters’ party down the street.


Numerous reports revealed that Dunbar ignored all advice and still set forth to host, despite the fact none of the prior years’ parties had been selected by friends as the winner of their evening plans.


“People love an underdog,” explains Dunbar, in front of a large bowl of slowly browning guacamole. “One year, it’ll be me up there, in my lofted kitchen, making another decanter of punch.”


According to her Twitter followers, Dunbar tweeted some uninspired words of flattery for Winters, whose party she could hear a few doors away. “Erica really deserved everyone’s support this year. I love the performance she gave in her Facebook event reminders.”



According to Linda Rote, who chose Erica’s party, the Facebook invite for Dunbar’s event specified not to worry about dressing up because they’d be “…watching the Oscars in our pajamas, eating take-out, and drinking boxed wine,” while Winters rented a vintage Versace gown for her party.


“I guess I’m just more into those bold, period piece, old Hollywood type of parties,” she said from the red carpet Winters had set up in her front yard lined with paparazzi she hired on Craigslist. “That’s just me, though.”


Rote considered stopping by Dunbar’s party, but “if I’m stuffing my face with Cheetos from the snack table, and I have cheese dust all over my fingers, I can’t participate in the live-stream mani-cam at Erica’s that will be broadcasting to her Twitter feed.”


At press time, sources confirmed that Dunbar’s home had gone dark, after veiled attempts to be retweeted by Fashion Police star Kelly Osbourne yielded no results – leading many to believe she had been virtually “played off” the neighborhood stage.