How To Ruin Someone’s Life By Not Appointing Them to the Highest Judicial Position in the Nation

We all know there are two ways to live: either you are a Supreme Court Justice, or you are left with absolutely nothing in a street gutter when your horrible past doesn’t let you become a Supreme Court Justice. It can be really hard to decide to destroy a life (meaning not letting them serve in the highest body of the judicial branch) but sometimes you have to, because they have a history of sexual predation dating back to their youth. Here’s how to ruin someone’s life by not appointing them to the highest judicial position possible in our country because that is what you women are doing!

Make Sure This Is What You Want To Do

It can be hard to decide to absolutely desecrate someone’s career, especially when the only job out there in the world is Supreme Court Justice. It’s not like you can just go back to being a regular judge after this – that would be absolutely unfair! So make sure this is actually what you want to do. Think it through, okay?


Be Relentless

If you’re really out to ruin someone’s life (ie. bar them from obtaining one of a small handful of prestigious lifetime appointments) you have to be relentless. Be a shark! Even though if you raise your voice for even a moment, that will inevitably lead to a host of high-ranking politicians calling you “irrational” and “emotionally unstable”. But by all means, go ahead!


Leave Him With Nothing

The end goal is to leave him with absolutely nothing, except for his children, his wife and his very good job which pays him over $200,000 a year. But just remember that by coming forward you are basically killing a person’s career who very likely could have killed you. Consider that guy’s life destroyed!



Remember The Reason You’re Doing This

Remember: you’re doing this to protect the country from appointing a man who has no respect for women or their bodies to one of the most powerful political positions in the country. Which is really an attempt to ruin this very good man’s amazing life (“good” is in the eye of the beholder)! You are a monster! And so is that other woman (and the others who haven’t come forward yet because of all the death threats)! And everyone else who is trying to ruin this man’s life (make him keep his current job)!


Follow these steps to ruin someone’s life, which can only mean putting them in charge of the Judicial branch. And if that doesn’t sit right with you, you have no respect for all the hard work these horrible abusive men did to get where they are in life! Sorry!