Wow! This Woman Can’t Masturbate Unless She’s On a Deadline  

Earlier this week, the incredible Nora Keeling of Orlando, Florida revealed she is exclusively successful at masturbating when she has a deadline looming.


“Whenever I have the time pressure of an important task, that’s when the real work gets done,” Keeling explained. “And by work, I mean I really go to town on myself a few times.”



Keeling outlined her strategy for getting things done under a time crunch (and by things she means orgasms).

“First off, it’s important to have your staple set of tools,” she explained. “While I’m working, I always have easy access to some lube, the Rabbit, and an internet shortcut to a Google Images search of ‘Ryan Gosling’.”


Keeling also emphasized the benefit of managing your workflow.


“I really find that it’s easier to get started on things when I break them up into small, manageable tasks instead of thinking of it as one big one,” Keeling explained.


“Even though it usually is a big one in the end,” she added.


We asked Nora what spurred her practice of only finding time to masturbate when something was urgently due.


“It all started in college, actually. It was finals week, and I had a 15 page essay due the next day that I had just started, and I suddenly got this burst of inspiration,” Nora said, smiling nostalgically. “I could finally give my full attention to myself and my clit.”


Despite this tempting distraction, Nora Keeling remains productive and is committed to getting her other tasks completed in a timely manner.



“I have a big presentation at work on Friday, so I have to go, uh, start planning it,” Keeling said as she hurried away.


Have a good time “working”, Nora!