Wow! This Person With a Vagina Wears Boxers – No Matter What Their Discharge Has to Say About It

The Gender Spectrum Collection

In an admirable display of steely resolve, Lindsey Abramsky, a 23-year-old who has a vagina, wears boxer briefs – no matter what their discharge has to say about it.


“If there’s one thing I’ve learned since following my instincts and desires and switching to mostly wearing boxers, it’s that they really are not made to accommodate discharge,” says Lindsey. “In fact, by all accounts, my discharge seems to be begging for the firm embrace of a bikini cut, solid-crotched pair of briefs, but that’s not fucking happening.”


Talk about putting discharge in its place by literally taking away its place!


“The roomy, penis-oriented crotches of boxer briefs really allow anything that comes out of your vagina to fall freely and land wherever it may please,” says Lindsey. “And the only part that’s double-enforced is the front, so there’s just one thin piece of fabric bravely yet futilely acting as a barrier for any and all leakage. After that, it’s just flapping around your pants and hitting you at weird angles all day.”


“But I also love wearing them, so, what can you do?” Lindsey adds.


Incredible! For those who let their discharge call the shots, Lindsey provides a bold example of how to deny its will as long as you are willing to endure absolutely all of the consequences with no recourse.


“I’m not sure if it would be better or worse if I wore real boxers instead of boxer briefs,” says Lindsey. “I guess it would be airier, but I’m not a 1940s leading man, so I just don’t think wearing loose shorts as underwear is going to be my thing.”


“As for now, I will just keep letting my discharge live wild and free in my preferred underwear,” they add. “Whether it likes it or not.”


Do your thing, Linds!