Aw! This Little Girl Was Told She Could Be President One Day and is Wondering Who Would Even Want That Shitty Job

After the hopeful results of the 2020 election, many young girls are being reminded in a very real way that someday, they too could be President or Vice President of the United States. But not 11-year-old Janessa Cummings, who is wondering why anyone would want a shitty job like that.


Aww! What kind of fucking idiot told her that being president is a good job for anyone but a megalomaniac?


“Watching my mom and dad work all the time has shown me just how fucking crazy it is to live for work,” Janessa said. “And you’re telling me I should be president? I want to have my weekends off, and nobody questioning why my older brother is kind of shady.”


“He is,” she added. “But that has nothing to do with me.”


Janessa is excited to have a normal 9-5 job in something like marketing or accounting, that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your entire being just to be the spokesperson for a country that everybody hates.



“I would feel so dumb campaigning on a bunch of good ideas, and watching each and every one of them get shot down by Congress,” Janessa added. “Then I’d have my legacy tarnished by having to drone strike random countries in the name of national security? Sounds like a shitty job to me.”


Aww! She’s fucking right!


“And there is no way you can tell me that being the first woman president would be a good time when the majority of people in this country hate when women – especially black women – are in power,” adds Janessa. “Go ahead and ask Kamala in a few months if she’s having fun. I’ll wait.”


This inspiring little girl has shown us how to aspire to something different entirely!