Shitty Friend Extra Shitty While Going Through Shitty Time

Face Shape - Reductress

Since last week, infamous shitty friend Tea Hacic has been acting shitter than usual due to the shitty time she’s going through.


“We were really concerned about her at first,” says Callie Feingold, a close friend of Hacic’s. “She was being extra shitty – flaking on my birthday, acting totally self-absorbed and just in general being an even bigger, shittier mess than we were used to – but then we found out she was going through an especially shitty time and we were all like, ‘Oh, so that explains all the additional shittiness.’”


Hacic’s friends made sure to clarify that she was already a 100%, fully functioning shitty person before going through her shitty time.


“Yeah, just to be totally clear, Tea’s not shitty because she’s going through a shitty time,” says Feingold. “She’s very much shitty on her own, but she’s just even worse right now.”


“She told us we were never there for her,” says Stacey McCormack, another close friend of Hacic’s. “Then she asked us all to hang out because she was going through some tough shit, but then she showed up an hour late to her own dinner somehow hammered off Pinot, insulted us all and then immediately went home with the waiter.”


“But we’re still going to be there for her until whatever shitty thing she’s going through passes and she’s free to become a less shitty, yet still shitty version of herself,” says Feingold. “That’s what friends are for.”



Though Hacic has not yet thanked her friends for their patience, she has acknowledged her shittiness.


“I know I’ve been a shitty friend lately,” Hacic says. “ I’m just dealing with some shit, okay? Everyone get off my back! But also everything I said was true and I stand by it. God! No one ever listens to me.”


Only time will tell if Hacic’s supplementary shittiness will cause her to actually lose friends and other meaningful relationships.