Friends Not Quite Ready to Cut Out Shitty Dude

In a recent display that absolutely makes sense and is totally fine, your friends have expressed that they aren’t quite ready to cut out the dude who has been extremely shitty.


Your friends have definitely let you know that they don’t support his behavior, but hope you understand that they’re not quite ready to cut ties with him completely – even though he did sexually harass you multiple times in the past month alone.


“That’s so shitty, seriously, I can’t believe he did that to you,” says mutual friend Monica Opperview. “The thing is I really feel like he’s an old friend, and it doesn’t feel quite right to shut him out right now. I believe you, but I also believe he’s a good person deep down. Does that make sense?”


Sources close to you revealed that nope, it does not make sense.


“Ohhh man, that’s such a bummer,” says Nate Revereck.


When asked why he felt this was a bummer, Nate replied, “Oh, it’s just gonna make his party on Friday super awkward. I’ll definitely still be attending though. But this is hard to hear. I wanted to have a lot of fun there.”


Despite the fact that the dude in question tried to make moves on you even after you said “no” multiple times, then did it again while everyone was watching, your friends have decided it would really screw up the friend group to not have him there.


“We were going to go on a cabin trip in a few weeks,” added Nate. “Does this mean that cabin trip can’t happen? That would really be intense cause we already put down a deposit.”


After texting the group that it’s no big deal but you won’t be attending the trip, your friends weren’t thrilled.


“She thinks she can just not come on the trip at the last minute, even though we’ve been planning it for months?” says Monica. “No offense, but it might be time to cut her out.”