Why You Should Use a Nut Butter Face Masque, Even If You’re Severely Allergic

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Summer is the time to show off your dewy, beautiful skin, and there are plenty of simple, nourishing nut butter face masques to moisturize your highly allergic skin. Here’s why everyone should be using nut butter face masques, even if it puts you into anaphylactic shock:


It Moisturizes Deeply

A peanut butter, olive oil, and honey face masque is a highly moisturizing combination that will leave your skin hydrated and your cells strengthened. Put it on a week before a big event to see the full effects of the masque blossom. Sure, an deadly peanut allergy might kill you, but think about this way: what’s the point of breathing if you can’t look beautiful doing it? Slather that nut butter, baby!



It’s Inexpensive

A DIY nut butter masque will provide a deep cleanse for a fraction of the price of a boutique product, so why pay attention to that dumb allergy that keeps landing you in the ER? You’re going to need those extra dollars when you need another trip to the hospital because your esophagus has swollen and an Epi-Pen wasn’t enough. Isn’t it fun when beauty is dangerous? We think so!!


It’s Effective

Trends come and go, but natural skincare solutions are always there to put your health at risk. Ignore the second warning from your doctor and mix crunchy almond butter with oatmeal, brown sugar, and jojoba oil for a calming yet exfoliating masque that will leave you saying “Bruuuukkkjjj” because you’re face will be swelling to the point that you can’t fully open your mouth. It’ll be worth it; just trust us!!


For a trend that’s worth its weight in protein, opt for a natural nut butter face masque next time you choose to treat yourself. And don’t forget to have fun—it might be the last thing you ever do!