Embarrassing! This Woman Got Drunk and Texted Her Mom to Say ‘I Love You’

In an act of classic sloppiness she is sure to live down no time soon, Izzy Blight got drunk and texted her mom to say, “I love you” last night.


Okay, girl! Good luck backtracking on that one.


“Yeah, Izzy had like three glasses of wine last night, which for her is really turning up,” said Izzy’s roommate, Sil Pascual. “When I saw her on her phone I knew I should interfere, but honestly I was curious to see where it was going.”


“Then I realized she was texting her mom, and I was like, ‘okay, let’s get you to bed,’” Sil adds. “We’ve all been there, but it’s just so transparent. Like, girl, work this out in therapy or something.”


Over the course of the shameless, intoxicated evening, Izzy texted her mother that she loves her, misses her, and is “garteful for everything [sic]”.


“She also started saying how she wanted to call her but thankfully lost her phone behind a pillow on the couch soon thereafter,” says Sil. “It was a close one.”



But even in the cold, harsh light of day, Izzy seems to have learned nothing from her messy night.


“I mean, I do love my mom, so I don’t really see what the big deal is,” Izzy insists. “Honestly, I’m glad my drunk brain thought to reach out. I should really properly catch up with her soon.”


Someone lock this lady’s phone in a safe and throw away the key because there’s no stopping her!


“Yeah, it was a lot,” says Sil. “But thankfully she stopped texting her mom on her own when she left to go hookup with her ex.”


You got lucky this time, Izzy!