Incredible! These Ex-Girlfriends Share a Therapist, Family Phone Plan, and Bed

In incredible news out of Hoboken, New Jersey, ex-girlfriends Megan Ralph and Tanya Wilson haven’t let the fact their relationship ended stop them from sharing a therapist, family phone plan, and bed.


Nothing like two ex-lovers who are still there for each other every step of the way!


“I’ve always done everything with Tanya, so why would I stop now?” said Megan, on the six-month anniversary of their emotionally devastating breakup. “Just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean we can’t share a life together.”


“Our therapist has definitely told us to set boundaries,” said Tanya, “But we are mutually totally okay with sleeping together every night, so boundary-wise it’s totally cool.”


In a true testament to how exes can still be cool with each other, Megan and Tanya also still share 95% of their social calendar, custody of their dog, Rufus, and most meals.



Awwww, we love love! Or whatever you call this.


Tanya and Megan cited a number of reasons to keep so many things in common, mainly “convenience,” “I think this is normal,” and “I just love being around her so much!”


At press time, Tanya and Megan had just finished renewing their one-bedroom apartment’s lease together, both shrugging and saying, “Eh, it works for us!”