Tragic! This Woman Accidentally Liked a Retweet from a Person She Hates

In a tragic tale as old as time, Ena Saito accidentally liked a retweet from a person she hates earlier today.


“I was just scrolling through Twitter when I saw an already pretty viral tweet of a relaxed monkey having its hair washed,” Ena says. “I didn’t think twice about tossing it a like. I had no idea what I was really doing.”


Ena’s enjoyment of the adorable video was violently cut short when not a moment later, she glanced above the post and saw those dreaded, light gray words: “savsav Retweeted”.


“When I saw that it was Savannah Lowd’s retweet I was liking, a girl who was a huge bitch to me in high school but I still follow because we’re mutuals and I don’t want her to think I’m petty or still care, my heart stopped,” says Ena. “It was clearly too late to unlike, and I knew I just had to live with it.”


“It’s hard to imagine what Savannah will make of that notification when I haven’t liked a single thing she herself has tweeted for the last seven years,” Ena adds. “But one thing is evident, and that’s that I took an L today.”


A slight silver lining has come to the fore in light of Ena’s painful story: since going public with the woeful embarrassment, others have been emboldened to come forward with their accidental retweet-like experiences, and people want change.



“Ena accidentally liking some bitch’s retweet really resonated with me,” says Mandy O’Neil. “Just last week I thought I was liking an Amber Ruffin Show clip when really I was liking an Amber Ruffin Show clip that my ex had retweeted. We haven’t even spoken since the breakup and now he probably thinks I want to get back together.”


“It’s obvious what needs to happen, and that’s that Twitter needs to change its interface,” Mandy adds. “Make the ‘retweeted by’ text huge and unmissable, like Stephen King’s name on one of his novels. Or add an ‘are you sure?’ function when liking a retweet. These mistakes are just made to happen with the current system.”


A spokesperson for Twitter suggested users avoid this tragic fate by unfollowing the accounts of people of people they hate, then quickly clarified that she was kidding and the app would cease to exist if people did that.


Our hearts go out to you, Ena!