There’s Never Been A Better Time To Injure Your Back Doing Yoga By Yourself

The pandemic has many re-evaluating their fitness routines, with some unable to access their usual gyms and others using their newfound free time to step things up. Either way, all signs indicate that there’s never been a better time to injure your back doing yoga by yourself.


“I’m impressed,” says personal trainer, Annie Moss. “So many of my clients are finding ways to move at home, and usually that means doing some Youtube yoga and hurting their back on the first day.”


In fact, more Americans seem to be hurting their back doing yoga alone than ever before – and many experts think that’s a good thing.


“In terms of injury, there’s really never been a better time to lay on the couch recovering and binging TV shows,” says sports medicine expert, Danielle Hoffman. “I’m not saying you should injure yourself, but if you do during quarantine, it’s not like you have to go into work tomorrow.”



Asked if a yoga injury was the way to go, Hoffman gives a resounding “yes”.


“It’s yoga so it’s deceptively easy, a lot of people think they can do more than they can. And since the injury will likely be more minor, if you’re gonna get hurt, that’s not a bad way to do it.”


“But again, not injuring yourself would be more ideal.”


You heard it! Now is the absolute best time to hurt your back doing yoga in your living room, all by yourself.