5 Zoom Backgrounds That Will Keep Your Coworkers from Seeing How You Really Live  

With everyone stuck in their homes for the foreseeable future, much of our work has moved online. And with the video conferencing app Zoom becoming the new replacement for in-person interaction, our homes have become our offices. But what if your home is….gross and bad? Don’t worry, here are five Zoom backgrounds that will prevent you from accidentally showing your coworkers how you really live!


Tropical Beach

Ahh, nothing more relaxing than a day at the shore! Remind your co-workers what they have to look forward to once we’re allowed to leave our homes again, while also keeping them from seeing the all the dishes piled up in your sink (and on your bedroom floor…and windowsill). Life can be a beach!


Favorite Album Cover

Express your individuality by setting your favorite album cover as your streaming background. Encourage your fellow employees to do the same! That way, you can all bond as a team about Kim loving Justin Bieber or Frank being a Barenaked Ladies fan, instead of about the absolute embarrassment that is your stained carpet, filthy wallpaper, cluttered dining room table, or tattered couch. Neat (unlike you)!



LOL! Share a good laugh with your co-workers while sharing the nostalgia that is the show FRIENDS. The iconic front door, the open kitchen, that sofa: all of this will be more pleasant to look at than your single, cat-hair-covered armchair and crusted television sitting on a TV dinner table. Pivot! Haha! Seriously, pivot, they can still see your broken blinds.




Ooh, cultured much? Since your office is closed to the general public, get relatable by setting the also-recently-off-limits Uluru as your Zoom background. Not only is the Aboriginal holy site beautiful, it’s also an incredible cover-up for the fact that you haven’t cleaned your countertops or fridge or really any surface in your apartment since your girlfriend moved out. Nasty, mate!


A Clean Apartment

If you’re really trying to keep up appearances, maybe just try Google Image searching a picture of somebody else’s apartment that is actually tidy and put together. No need for anything too showy, you just wanna look like you’re a regular, well-adjusted adult who owns at least a vacuum and some Clorox spray. Even though you clearly are not!


With any of these five backgrounds, you’ll be able to spice up your Zoom meetings and also give the illusion that you have some semblance of hygiene. Win-win!