How to Fix Your Dysfunctional Family With a Viral TikTok Dance  

If you’re stuck quarantined in an undesirable family situation, you’re likely feeling there’s nothing you could possibly do to improve your environment except lay low and wait till you can head to higher ground. But that all just changed! Here’s how you can set your differences aside and heal the deep wounds of your dysfunctional family by mastering a viral TikTok dance. And…action!


Gather everyone in one place.

It shouldn’t be too hard since you’re all stuck in one house, but if all your family members avoid each other as much as possible to avoid the inevitable chaos of direct engagement, you may have to tell a white lie to get everyone in one room, such as “cupcakes in the kitchen!” or “Grandpa fell and it’s really bad.” Now everyone’s together and demanding answers, so give them the only one powerful enough to cut through decades of hurt feelings and resentment: It’s time to learn the Renegade!



Hold yourself accountable…for absolutely nailing that choreo.

You may be thinking that the healing power of filming a family dance TikTok comes from the bonding that will happen along the way, or the breaking down of defensive barriers through the openness of movement, but none of that’s right. It comes from going viral as hell and giving your family something to be invested in as a unit. So show up and do the work to make sure everyone’s busting down to “Savage” like their lives depend on it. When you’re yelling at your dad to not booty pop like this is a joke to him, you’ll forget to yell about how he can’t tell you what to do now because he didn’t parent you as a child. It’s working!


Allow yourself to cut people off.

As much as you may want to fix your maladjusted family with momentary TikTok fame, remember some people will only harm your wellbeing no matter how many chances you give them. You’re allowed to tell your little sister that her shitty energy is destroying your “Baby Come Give Me Something” line and that she should just go back to doing drugs in her room. Healthier for you, healthier for her!


So try out these tips and before you know it your broken family with be mended by the restorative power of views. Now dance, bitch!