Sexts That Say, ‘Let’s Have Sex’

Who has time for hints and playful teasing in this fast-paced technological world? Your schedule is far too hectic for pointless sexting, so honor every precious moment of your time by getting right down to business. These sexts are guaranteed to show your lover that, while this texting thing is fun, you would prefer to just actually have sex if possible.


“I’m taking off my shirt…and putting on a warmer sweater, because I’m walking to your place now so we can have sex.

Are things heating up in your text exchange? You’re gonna need to cool them down for the next 20-30 minutes to account for travel time! The above sext achieves this effect by first enticing your horned-up lover with something saucy, then letting them down easy with the reassurance that while you are currently putting on additional clothes, you do intend to take them off later. So go on, let ‘em know you’re “OMW!” to sex that you will have!



“I’m think I’m gonna come… over so we can just do this. (This=Sex)

Nothing better than a good double entendre—except double orgasms! Why not combine the two with this fun sext guaranteed to get you where you need to go? This sext teases the possibility of orgasms without letting either party get it done separately. Masturbate on your own time, buddy—this is serious business!


“I want you to come… to my house at approximately 11 PM for sex.

Oh sorry, do you guys usually go to your house? No problem! Use this next one instead.


“I wanna put my fist on your front door, so that I am knocking. Does that make sense? Please just text me your address so that I can go there and have sex with you.

Are things getting desperate? Have your sexts gotten so sexty that you fear you may never actually bone this person? So hey, bring up fisting or something, but in a clumsy way that will have your lover saying, “Ugh, just let me do it.” And by it, they mean you!



“Wait but seriously what are you doing later? Because I would like for it to be sex, with me.”

The first part is technically just a text, but in the right context it can also be a sext. Consider adding a winky emoji or the second part if you’re unsure whether or not your meaning is coming across. But it probably is.


“Let’s have sex.

Honestly forget everything else we said—this is the only one you need.


We know you’re tired of typing about how horny you are. We promise, use these sexts in your next exchange, and you’ll be getting fucked in no time!