5 Lingerie Camisoles For Seducing Younger Men

You’re a classy young lady. But one day, you’re going to be an elegant older woman and you’ll need to dress the part — especially when you’ve reached the point in your older age where you’re compelled to seduce younger men. We’ve got your back! As you inevitably age into this mandatory role, here are five sexy lingerie camisoles for when you’re prepared to play the part of snow-haired seductress!


Silk Camisole (Nude, Anine Bing, $169)

This lush silk camisole will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe in your matronly years when you stroll out into the backyard as Hans, the strapping young garden-hand, is working on the grounds. “Hans!” you’ll cry, “The garden needs weeding,” as a single delicate strap slides down your shoulder.


Ella Silk Cami (Lord and Taylor, $29.40)

Look, these young men aren’t going to seduce themselves – and they’re going to need a strong matriarch to guide them into the fertile fields of manhood. And you’ll be ready to lead as their queen in this sophisticated camisole that says to the world: Yes, I still fuck. And it’s magnificent.



The Clean Silk Cami (Everlane, $75)

This cami is a classic, just like you! Wear this clean silk cami for when the young, broad-shouldered plumber visits your vast southern estate. “The offending pipe is in the back,” you’ll say as you mop a dollop of sweat from your silk-framed collarbone.


Classic V-Neck Cami (Neiman Marcus, $76)

Yes, Mrs. Robinson, you are trying to seduce that young scholar living with you and your emotionally distant husband, and there’s no clearer beacon to the horny young men of this world than wearing this camisole! Your tits may be out, but your class is still sky-high. You are a graceful GILF on the prowl!


Racer-Back Silk Cami (Anthropologie, $158.00)

Wear this beautiful camisole to let the young men of the world know your collarbones can cut and your vagina is ready for business. Slowly stir your mint julep as you watch shirtless Trevor, the pool boy, wrestle leafs out of the water. He sees you, and you see him, but there’s no need to rush things. After all, it’s just the hot summer sun, Trevor, and your camisole.


Time continues its inexorable march forward, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still slay, AARP queen! Young men are hungry for your experience and confidence so let everyone know you’re ready to play the role of sex guru in any of these stylish camis.