‘Cheers’ and Other Genial Things to Say After Sex

Sex is an expression of carnal passion and desire. But that’s no excuse to forget your manners! Being warm and friendly is just as important after you’ve done the deed, so don’t forget this quick list of post-coital pleasantries as you enjoy a conversation with one another.



Nothing says “I orgasmed” like a simple “Cheers!” Whether signing off an email or wiping up your leg, you’re sure to end the interaction on a pleasant note. Proper etiquette? Now that’s sexy!


“Thanks a bunch!”

Appreciation and consummation? With this polite and thoughtful message, you’ll convey to your partner that the sex was not only well-received, but also filed away and appreciated. This little thank-you will make you come across as a gracious penis-host.


“Great work!”

There’s no time like sex time for making people feel valued. After that romp, you’ll want him at his bravest, so he can know that belly-flip move was a valid, in-the-moment response (even if it surprised you a little). He’ll be inspired to keep up the good work when it comes to sex.



“I look forward to hearing from you!”

Maybe you got positive vibes from him during sex, but how do you know what the future holds? With this key phrase, your partner’s ensured that you’re not just some one-night-stand. While you’re at it, recite your cell and fax number, and maybe an alternate email address! He’ll appreciate your thoroughness, your openness to future communication, and will think very fondly of your sex together.


“Fun stuff!”

Simple and to-the-point. Use this key phrase and there’s no way there’ll be confusion as to whether or not you thought the stuff was fun. You did! When you had sex, you definitely found the stuff fun. All that stuff!


With this quick list of kind-hearted words, you’ll be sure to have him at “Hello,” “How are you?” and “Talk soon!”