How to Like Him Just Because He Liked You First


Romance is tricky, and choosing your mate can be a real challenge. The hardest part is when you have to like a guy because he liked you first. Since these kinds of things don’t come around often, here are some easy ways to trick yourself into falling into a perfectly convenient love affair because, you know, he’s nice!


Find similar interests.

According to online dating algorithms, love is just about liking the same stuff. So if this guy professes his love to you and your first response is “Eh, why not?” then your next step should be discovering some things that you have in common. Did you both see The Dark Knight and like it a whole lot? Congrats, even if you just kinda liked it, you can technically date each other—at least for the next few months until you realize that’s the only common interest you share. Wait it out, just to make sure!


Forget everything you were ever looking for in a lover.

You have a list of qualities you require in a partner, but none of that stuff matters if you can’t find someone who matches the list. So what if he’s not smart, fit, or funny? Based on your experience, no one who’s expressed interest in you is! But lucky you, out of nowhere comes a man who already likes you. He may not fit your list, but he is very into you, which cancels out everything else. Love is simple sometimes!


Lie down next to each other until it stops feeling icky.

At first, lying next to someone you don’t feel particularly drawn to is like swimming in a pool of worms and spiders—uncomfortable! But if you just lie very still and think hard about how handy it is to have someone to go see Anne Hathaway movies with, you’ll adapt to this feeling and fall quickly in love. Or at least fall into the temporary acceptance of your circumstances. It really is better than nothing!



Listen more closely to advice from others.

Think again about all those inspirational moments you have looking at memes of old people holding hands. They always said love was easy, it just happened, they didn’t have to work for it. What could be less work than just saying “sure” to the next guy who asks? Read as far into those little love quotes as possible to keep your mind from wondering why kissing him feels bad.


Focus on his three good qualities.

His best qualities may have nothing to do with you, but at least they’re good and not bad. He’s very sweet to animals. Which is great because it’s a good sign he’s not a serial killer. Plus, he’s single and not dead. What more could a girl ask for?


So next time you’re looking around for something to do and think, “I guess I’ll just do him,” remember these tips. They’ll take you from “I’m looking for a perfect guy” to “I’m looking for a guy” in no time!