15 Cute Things to Think About While He Cums on Your Head

Like paying taxes, getting cum all over your head is both inevitable and your patriotic duty. But that doesn’t mean it has to make you cringe! Getting “skeet skeet” ejected onto your scalp can actually be a soothing and relaxing experience, as long as you have something adorable to concentrate on. Here are some cute things to think about while he squirts semen all over your brain holder:


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Austin/Rex / Rex USA ( 699898c ) PIG IN BOOTS
1. A teensy baby pig tripping over himself because he’s wearing oversized rain boots!!


2. A handful of kittens curiously peering out of a rustic woven basket. D’awww!


polar bear
3. A polar bear floating on its back while eating a pumpkin!


4. Haley Joel Osment in Forrest Gump. So little!!!


Haley Joel Osment
5. A four-year-old girl from Japan discovering snow for the first time and crying from inexplicable joy. OMG!!


6. The friendship between the roly-poly young Boy Scout and the cynical old man in the movie Up.


66Ëme Festival de Venise (Mostra)
7. Baby otters eating mini cupcakes on their backs while yawning!


8. Pikachu saying his own name! “PIKA-CHUUUUU!”


9. A baby gorilla wearing a bonnet in a bassinet while doing the sign language for “I love you.” Wow!!


10. A dog recognizing its owner after she comes home from war. All the feels!!!


Munday is a native of Nixa, Mo.
11. A frumpy freshman girl in a back and neck brace being asked by a varsity jock to prom!


12. Mr. Big aimlessly driving around Paris in hopes of finding Carrie Bradshaw!! UGH!!!


13. Separated-at-birth twins discovering each other’s existence and hugging on a sunny hill in Central Park!


14. An elderly couple smiling at each other under a pink sky!!


15. Paul Rudd paying for dinner with a handsome grin. AHH!!!!


And now there’s cum on your dome! Easy, right? These adorable and cute images are sure to make you “aww” and “ooh” while he jerks it all over your head.