Basic Bitch Four-Year-Old Dresses as Elsa

In a totally expected turn, four-year-old Cassidy Leonard arrived at Sunshine Daycare dressed as the character of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen today. Many of the children at the center turned in disgust as Leonard loudly sucked down her mango banana squeezable fruit puree at snack time.


“It’s just so obvious,” says teaching assistant Yesenia Molina. “There’s not a shred of originality to coming as a character known for the song that every kid in here has been singing all summer. Even [two-year-old] Joseph’s stopped singing that song and we’re pretty sure he’s gay and on the spectrum.”



“She could have at least come as a lesser known character from the movie, or I don’t know, zombie Elsa,” said Miranda Holder whose daughter, Eloise, dressed as a female Ghostbuster.


Leonard pranced around the Lego station totally oblivious to her basic bitchness throughout free playtime, before acting a little “too into” the story time book of the day, Pumpkin Town!