Why I Support Women Unless They Want to Hop on a Zoom Call Real Quick

Hacked Woman - Reductress

My whole life, I’ve always supported women, especially ones who are trying to make it in a male-dominated workforce. But despite being an ardent feminist, I only support women up until they want to hop on a Zoom call real quick.


How could a woman do this to another woman?


Just yesterday, a female coworker of mine wanted to explain the specific way to draft emails for our clients over Zoom, which I thought could definitely be explained to me in any other way. As soon as she sent me the Zoom link, I immediately asked myself, “With this kind of brazen behavior, should women even be in the workplace?”


Other people might disagree with me when it comes to Zoom calls, but I doubt that those people actually enjoy making sure they look good before joining a call, accidentally being muted while talking, and awkwardly ending the call with a wimpy little wave. This is all extremely misogynistic and harmful to our future.


I’m a feminist. I love women! But I refuse to say “yes” when a so-called “feminist” just up and asks me to join them on a video call with absolutely no warning.


I think that women should be able to do whatever they want in their lives, no matter how bad it is, but I draw the line at sending me a Zoom invitation “just to chat for a quick sec”.


Making me get on a video call with them is just furthering the male gaze of MacBook cameras, and it’s morally bankrupt. Also, my room is a mess and I’m not going to use a weird background cause I’m not a psychopath.



So while the rest of the world seems to be fine with hopping on Zoom calls real quick, I simply can’t support any woman who does it, despite me owning a shirt that says, “This Pussy Bites Back”.


I’m one of the most feminist people I know, but I will simply abandon the cause when it comes to joining a Zoom call. And that’s just my version of feminism! I guess you could call me a “nasty woman”.