The Sexiest Ways to Drool On His Shoulder

Listen up, ladies: Falling asleep on your man’s shoulder is the way to show him that he is very lucky to have wound up escorting you home late at night on this crowded bus. Play your drool game right, and next thing you know he’ll also be drooling over you! Here are the expert tricks to keep it hot without the usual tricks you’d use while conscious and not drooling!


Make sure your drool smells good.

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: chewing gum, a breath-mint, the sensual aroma of your own pungent womanhood—any of these things will convince him you’re the right feminine drooler he’s been looking for. A lady always drools sweetly and sensually. So make sure he knows you’re a lady when he sniffs that drool.


Keep it classy.

You’re not a savage. Make sure to keep your drool stream contained (think single-tear-glistening on-cheek-after-sex). This will ensure the drool mark you leave on his shoulder makes him think of fun wet things, not gross wet things, like a woman drooling on his shoulder. Let him know you are a lady in the streets, and a freak in the bed with this subtle, classy drool maneuver.


Moisten your lips.

You want to make sure your drool is loose and sensual enough that some of it smears across your lips, leaving them glisteningly kissable. He will see your silky wet lips and immediately think of kissing you, like Sleeping Beauty. It was very possible that Sleeping Beauty was also a sleep-drooler.



Suck on his fingers.

This can be a tricky one to maneuver since you’re asleep, but if you can swing it, grab ahold of one of his fingers when he’s trying to subtly lift you off of him, and gently bring it to your moistened lips. You may look like a strange lady in a sad old peacoat who dozed off on his shoulder, but by the time you start sleepily flicking the tip of his index finger with your drool-slicked tongue, he’ll be dying to let you drool on him–in bed.


Show him what you want.

Say the bus you’re riding on hits a bump that jolts you awake. Use this opportunity to fall face-forwarsd into the crotch of his clean-pressed wool pants. The drool gently oozing out of the corner of your mouth onto his nether-region will definitely get him thinking about what else you could possibly be drooling on.


There you have it: Next time you doze off on your new guy, make the most of it by letting your drool excite and entice him. Happy salivating!