How Hollywood’s Obsession With Reboots Inspired Me to Get Back With My Ex

This year, I’ve been really excited about the many Hollywood reboots coming out in 2021, not because I’m actually looking forward to another Ghostbusters movie, not just because I love a reboot of a legendary movie franchise, but because these reboots inspired me to finally get back with my ex-girlfriend.


Before all of these reboots started coming out, I had absolutely no desire to get back with my ex. After all, why would I want to revisit something that I was sure I was done with? But Hollywood reminded me that sometimes it’s worth one more shot, even though everything will be exactly the same as the first time, or slightly worse.


Not unlike Space Jam or Dune, my current relationship with my girlfriend Bianca feels new, but not without an obvious history and subtle nods to the past.


We fight about doing dishes just like we did when we were first together, but now we have different arguments and styles of debating. I’ve also found that we both bring new, different sex moves to the table, but the narrative arc of our time in bed together still remains relatively the same, just like West Side Story.



We also both got a little bit hotter, which is very reminiscent of the new Batman movie with Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz. And even though I don’t know what the characters are going to be like, I know that we’re probably just like them!


While there may be some pushback from people who are tired of all these unoriginal films arriving in theaters, I actually hope that Hollywood production companies keep pushing these reboots along, because they ultimately validate my relationship with my ex.


Right now, all I can hope for is that the second time around will be better than the first. This may not be common for reboots, but maybe it will be for us! In all honesty, I just hope that we last another month so that we can go see the new Candyman together in theaters.