How to Have Mind-blowing Sex Even Though You Have the Theme From ‘Wishbone’ Stuck in Your Head

In this life, sometimes you’re ready to get down and dirty with your freak self and a freak sex partner, but you also have the incredibly catchy opening theme from the 1990s PBS series Wishbone stuck in your head. Well, these two things don’t have to be at odds anymore. Here’s how to enjoy mind-blowing sex even though the little dog with a big imagination’s theme song is playing on a loop inside your mind.


Ground yourself in the moment.

In order to have incredible sex in general, it’s important to be present. Think about and respond to the sensuality of the moment; allow yourself to really feel every caress and embrace. Don’t think about the simple genius of repeating “What’s the story, Wishbone? What’s the story, Wishbone?!” with a different pacing, key, and emphasis on the repeat query. Are you thinking about it now? That’s fine, because probably you aren’t reading this while you’re having sex. That wouldn’t be very grounded either, but be sure to do this later!



Communicate, communicate, communicate! The golden rule of sexual intimacy. Check in. Tell your partner when you like what they’re doing, or kindly but firmly, when you don’t. Tell them, “I really respect how Wishbone didn’t shy away from addressing the sadder or more intense themes of its source material; that little dog didn’t condescend to its young audience.” Then tell them, “I’m sorry for saying that while my fingers were inside of you.” This radical openness will bring you closer to each other, and closer to orgasm.



Be open-minded.

While it’s great to know yourself and your boundaries, keeping an open mind to new ways to experience pleasure is a key to mind-blowing sex. It’s like they say, “Shake a leg now Wishbone/Let’s wag another tail/Sniffin’ out adventure with/Wishbone on the trail.” So sniff out adventure on the landscape of you and your lover(s)’s converging bodies. You’ll be so deep in the throes of passion you’ll hardly have time to hum the Wishbone theme song, and if you do, you can probably pass it off as moaning!


Use these tips to heat things up in the boudoir and really enjoy all that sex and sexuality have to offer, all while singing “What’s the Story, Wishbone?” in or outside your head. Woof!