Man Admits Catcalls Are Way of Getting You to Notice His Truck

In spite of much confusion, 56-year-old catcaller Artie West of Fon du Lac, Wisconsin ensures that he is only doing it so that women will notice his ‘79 Ford F-100 Lariat truck.


“I’ve been workin’ on that thing for two years and I put all of my love into it,” says West. “That kind of tender care deserves some attention.”


West says his catcalls to passing women are merely to gain recognition for his efforts. “I once asked a lady at the gas station if she wanted to see how I lay the truck rug, and she drove off, cursing.” he explained. “Now I’m trying to be a little more subtle.”


On his weekly trip into town, West shouts compliments and greetings at the women he passes on the street. His go-to’s are phrases like, “Hello, little mama,” and “Looky here, sweet butt.” He insists these comments are meant to draw attention to his truck.



“My wife, she’s not too happy about the whole thing,” says West. “She doesn’t get it. ” West explains that this is the reason why he spends most evenings driving around town in search of a few kind words, or any acknowledgement whatsoever.


“Let me see that smile, mama,” he beckons to a young woman on Martin Avenue. When the woman ignores him, West is forced to redouble his efforts with a “Look, I can’t even get an erection anymore. C’mon, just smile and look at my truck.”


“I see why some people might have misunderstood my intentions,” says West. “When I was growing up, if I wanted a lady to pay my truck a compliment, I’d only have to pay a lady a compliment to get it.”