Sad! This Woman Always Watches Much-Talked-About TV Shows Too Late to be Part of the Conversation

In a disappointing but unsurprising development out of Los Angeles, resident Misha Perry is continuing in her well-established pattern of watching much-talked-about TV shows too late to be part of the larger pop cultural conversation.


“I just binged Bridgerton last week,” says Misha, who is dreaming if she thinks anyone wants to engage with her about a show that everyone watched and discussed ad nauseum nearly four months ago.


“I ended up really enjoying it,” Misha adds, for some reason still talking to us about Bridgerton even though we don’t want to hear it. “I have a lot of thoughts about how sex was depicted and explored thematically, but okay, can we talk for a second about the handling of race?”


Sources are saying, “absolutely not”.


Misha’s friends confirm that her perpetual lateness to buzzy shows is a sorrowful burden to everybody involved.


“I don’t know what’s wrong with her,” says a source, Jamie Amaranto. “Like, she’s starting Fleabag now. In 2021.”


“Don’t get me wrong, I want her to watch Fleabag because it’s an amazing show,” Jamie adds. “But anything she can say about it I’ve already felt, tweeted, read a think piece about, and possibly even discussed in therapy.”


While many have pointed out it is largely a problem of her own creation, Misha feels she is the main victim of her tragic television viewing timing.



“I have to come to things on my own time,” Misha explains. “When everyone is talking about a show I’m like, meh, overrated. But then months or years later when I finally choose to watch it, I have so much to say, and I just want everyone to be talking about it again. The whole thing is actually very unfair to me.”


At press time, Misha announced she is considering starting The Sopranos — a show that was much-talked-about during its original air, then had a much-talked-about resurgence several months ago, which she also “missed” — and frankly, we’ve had enough.