Aw! This Woman Had a Three-Person Wedding to Avoid Kissing Someone in Front of Her Family

In an adorable display of love in front of an intimate crowd, bride Casey McFarland had a small, three-person backyard wedding – specifically so that she wouldn’t have to kiss someone in front of her family.


We’re absolutely in love with their bold choice because kissing in front of your family is the vilest thing our brains can conjure up!


“A lot of people thought we had a small wedding because of the pandemic,” says Casey. “But that really just provided us some cover. What we really wanted to avoid was an open-mouthed kiss that both parents and grandparents would see, and judge us if we didn’t do it passionately enough.”


Guests were able to view the wedding on Zoom from a camera placed 100 yards away, making it nearly impossible to see the finer details of the kiss, which no family member – or friend, really – should ever have to see unless they’ve walked into a room they shouldn’t have.


“It was a really beautiful, small wedding, with just the people who legally had to be there,” says groom Jamie DeGuzman. “We really got to celebrate our love in a way that’s very ‘us’ – desperately hiding from my mother that we are going to have sex in order to make a baby.”



Tami Realto, the wedding officiant, was proud to be part of this cozy marital affair.


“They seemed a little tentative at first, which is common because weddings are a big deal,” Tami said. “But I can totally understand when a couple doesn’t want to put on a performance for family – it’s emotionally exhausting to make out in front of your great aunt.”


Congratulations to the bride and groom!