QUIZ: Which Sex And The City Character or Dewey From Malcolm In The Middle Are You?

The iconic women of Sex And The City, the preeminent television program of the twentieth century, showed us that being fabulous is, well, fabulous! Any girl worth her weight in gold Armani pumps knows which SATC character she is. Do you? Take this quiz to find out if you’re a Carrie, a Samantha, a Charlotte, a Miranda, or for some weird reason, Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle.


  1. Pedicure season is here. You go to SoHo to buy some new shoes. What are they?

 A. Louboutins! Well I guess while I’m here I’ll get those cute Jimmy Choos… but then again those Manolos… What the hell! I’ll get all of them!

B. Ring a ding ding. Now you’re speaking my language, honey. I’ll get some strappy heels, easy to take off—or leave on.

C. Faux-suede Airwalk sneakers in a Kids Size 6. I am a small boy.


  1. There’s an after-after-party at Monkey Bar. Ladies, what are we drinking?

 A. A glass of rosé to sip on through the night. I’m here to make conversation—I don’t want to get tipsy!

B. Whiskey. On the rocks. Hard rocks. I love things that are hard and go down smooth.

C. Probably a Mountain Dew, or some juice. After all, I am just a small boy in a graphic tee.


  1. You work hard. You play hard. Where’s your next vacay spot?

 A. Paris! It’s the city of love, and I get my best stories when I’m in love!

B. The beach, darling. Anywhere with nice scenery to look at. Tan, muscular scenery.

C. Probably an arcade, water park, or some kind of sporting event, like the X-Games. I cannot stress enough that I am a young boy, and I think I am maybe in the wrong area.



  1. Your ideal man…

A.Is a hopeless romantic.

B. Willing to do try anything to please me.

C. Again I think you are mistaken in including me in this quiz—I guess if I have to answer the question? Well, I don’t know I guess I hope to one day grow up to be successful man who has enriching relationships. Hello? Can anyone hear me in here?


If you answered mostly A’s…

You’re Carrie! You’re a positive go-getter and your friends mean everything to you. You’re a hopeless romantic who believes in true love and the lifelong quest for the perfect shoe. You go, girl!


If you answered mostly B’s…

You’re Samantha! You’re hilarious and seductive. Who could resist you?! Despite your wise-cracking exterior, you’re a sweetie on the inside. ;)


If you answered mostly C’s…

You’re Dewey from Malcolm In The Middle! You’re precocious, witty, and always have a trick up your sleeve. While you’re definitely an old soul, you are also a young boy who shouldn’t be offered a cosmo no matter how cute he’s being!