10 Surprising Facts About My Opinions on The Entourage Movie

We all love movie trivia! I’m sure I’m not the only one who rushes to IMDb immediately after viewing a film to read some inside scoop and I certainly am not the only one who’s got some worthy opinions on the great wide world of film. What better way to celebrate the release of the long-awaited Entourage movie than by compiling a list of the surprising trivia facts about my humble opinions concerning the aforementioned masterpiece? I am a literal genius!


FACT: I think Turtle is cuuuuuute!

Turtle is a cutie in this movie! He’s chasing a girl and he’s got so much money, which, in my opinion, makes him cute, and none of the other guys in the movie are even remotely cute. This is a fact. I love turtle!


FACT: I wonder how those girls stay in such good shape?

There are hundreds of female extras in Entourage, which, in my opinion, is cool! They were mostly shown naked or in bikinis and I’m just wondering how they stay so toned? Just something I noticed that is a fact!


FACT: Ari’s anger problem is hilare!!!

Jeremy Piven’s performance of Ari is downright hysterical! Whether he’s spurting gay slurs, Jewish threats, or jerk-off jokes, he’s always such a hoot! Trust me, the diet soda coming out of my nose is the factual evidence to back up this fact about my opinion. Also, my favorite color is purple but some days it’s yellow!



FACT: I wish I had as much money as Vinny Chase.

For real! You may not know this but Vinny Chase has a lot of money, that’s why the houses and cars are so nice in this movie! In my opinion, I’d love to have that much money as well. Can’t argue with facts.


FACT: The character of Johnny Drama was originally supposed to be played by Matt Dillon in my fan fiction I made up in my head.

Close that gaping mouth, you surprised Susan—it’s true! I’ve written some fan fiction up in my noggin and I always envisioned Kevin Dillon’s brother Matt in the role because it would be a fun twist! Look out for this tidbit popping up as a question at your next bar trivia night! If you’ve got a problem with this, let’s take it up in the comments section.


Take this time to screw your head back on after those crazily surprising facts! You can thank me later when you’re using those hot tidbits in your next conversation lull.