Mom’s Description of Movie Could Be Any Movie

In a developing story out of Hudson, NY, it appears the movie that 54-year-old mom Debra Washington is describing could truly be any movie.


“It’s the one that came out a while ago,” said Debra, about a film that could’ve come out last month or last century. “With the lady from that other movie? You know, the one that was in that show?”


Debra went on to describe the film, which either stars that one guy from that movie with the dog or that other guy who looks like him from that movie with the car chase.


“You know, it takes place in New York City…or maybe Chicago,” she said. “And there’s that part where the two main characters fall in love, but it’s complicated, you know? They both are very attractive?”


“Come on, the movie with the big fight scene, you know which one I’m talking about,” Debra added, possibly talking about any film from the last fifty years. “I forget how it ends but it has some really funny parts.”


“How are we supposed to know what movie she’s describing?” asked Debra’s son, Michael. “She just described every big-budget film to ever grace our suburban movie theater.”


“Yeah, she could be making these details up for all we know,” said Ken, Debra’s husband. “She’s fallen asleep during every movie we’ve ever watched together.”


“Maybe she’s describing a movie she heard me describe once?” he added. “It’s possible she’s missing some key points in the plot.


“Wait, I think I’m actually thinking of that show we watched that one time,” said Debra, correcting herself but still being incredibly vague. “Remember? That one with that actor with the hair?”