Topher Grace Unexpectedly in Movie

Partners Alisha Finnley and Chloe Schwartz were pleasantly surprised last Friday to see actor Topher Grace make an unexpected appearance in a movie they were watching.


“It’s some movie that was free on Amazon,” said Alisha. “I’m not sure when it came out. 2017? 2014? One of those type of years.”


The film was 42 minutes deep when Topher first entered, wearing a suit, and seemingly just playing some sort of adult male character.


“At first I was like, did I go to high school with that guy?” said Chloe. “But then I was like oh shit, that’s Eric from That 70s Show, the famous TV series from the 90s.”


“It was nice to see him, in a way,” Chloe added.


Both Alisha and Chloe agreed that while they had not consciously missed the 41-year-old American actor, they were “totally down” for his casting as a character whose name they can’t remember, and think he “looks pretty good, healthy.”


“It’s just nice to see that he’s still out there doing it, you know,” said Alisha. “And I never heard anything bad about Topher Grace, so he’s probably a pretty fine guy, which is cool.”


By the time the credits rolled, the pair was casually Googling Grace just to see what there was to see.


“Oh, wow,” said Alisha. “Looks like he’s actually been in a ton of movies I’ve never heard of. And Oceans Eleven and Twelve as himself? Huh.”


“Apparently he’s really into editing his own versions of popular films. He edited The Hobbit trilogy into one movie,” said Chloe. “Kind of weird, kind of cool. I guess I would say I feel neutral about that.”


Despite the initial shock of seeing Topher Grace out of nowhere, Alisha and Chloe are healthily processing the experience.


“I never thought I would see his face again,” said Chloe. “And now I did and I’m like okay, yeah.”


Topher Grace! He is a guy.