On The Reductress Minute: Sex and the City Fans! Which One Are You – Sex or The City?

Listen on Apple Podcasts now: Reductress editors Rachel and Sarah (@rachelwenitsky and @sarahpappalardo take you through the week’s hottest stories. On this week’s episode, Sam Reece (@samanthaaareece), Monique Moses (@nutellacartel), and Shalyah Evans (@shalyahevans) read pieces from Reductress, plus we try out our office’s new standing toilet and talk to a lesbian couple’s bridal party that’s comprised entirely of their exes!

Sorry I Didn’t Respond To Your Text, I Get Overwhelmed By Simple Tasks was written by Taryn Englehart, Self-Deprecating Intros For When You Call 911 was written by Anna Drezen, Sex and the City Fans! Which One Are You-Sex or The City was written by Hannah Solow and Aw! These Lesbians’ Bridal Party Was Comprised Entirely Of Exes was written by Grace Perry.

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