QUIZ: Should You Stay In and Be Depressed? Or Go Out and Be Anxious?

When the weekend rolls around, it can be stressful to decide what to do with your glorious, but fleeting free time. Is it a night-in kind of evening that will only cause you to descend into a deep depression over the state of your life? Or a go-out kind of vibe that will inevitably mean hours of social anxiety from being around too many people? Take this quiz and find out which decision that you will end up regretting is right for you!


What are your energy levels like right now?

1. Pretty low. Like it’s-already-taking-too-much-energy-to-take-this-quiz low. Maybe I should stop here.

2. Really high. Like way too high because I had too much caffeine today and now I can feel my heartbeat racing through my eyes. Can you hear high blood pressure?


What’s the weather like today?

1. Cloudy and overcast with rain happening any second now. The perfect weather for snuggling up in your blankets, putting on a movie, and then spiraling with the existential ennui of life.

2. Warm and sunny, the perfect day for soaking in the rays and hanging out with friends while second guessing all of your social interactions until well into the evening.


What did you do last weekend?

1. Went out with friends and had a middling time. I mostly spent the whole night stressed about how others were perceiving me.

2. I stayed in, which was great for the first few hours. Then my apartment felt like a cage that I wanted to leave but simultaneously couldn’t because I was too apathetic to try.



Mostly 1s: It’s a depression kind of day for you! Stay in your cramped apartment and isolate yourself from any and all human contact so you can revel in 20 seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, feeling nothing but despair as life slips you by. At least you’ll be cozy?

Mostly 2s: Go out and have some fun tonight! But not too much fun – don’t forget that lingering sense of dread that’s always there when you’re in public and gets worse when you’re overstimulated and pumped with alcohol. Nothing like an anxiety trifecta to really get the heart going!

Mostly 1s and 2s: Looks like you should have one of those hybrid nights that combines the worst of both worlds! Go out for a few hours and anxiously nurse a drink in the corner, then go home for the rest of the night and let the depression settle in as you scroll on your phone until 2:00 a.m. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?