QUIZ: Is This Woman Depressed or Just Really Into Making Bracelets Now?

Mental health is important, but sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not someone is in a mental health crisis or if they genuinely just like making bracelets now. If you’re worried about someone you know, take the quiz below to find out whether they’re crying out for help or if they’re just really, really into making bracelets, for some reason.


How much time does she spend solely making bracelets?

  1. She works really hard on them, but she definitely has other interests outside of it.
  2. Literally the whole day. I’m so worried about her.


How much do the bracelets cost?

  1. Between $10-$50. It seems like people are really buying them up though!
  2. They’re not even for sale! She just wants people to look at them.


Has she said anything particularly concerning about her wellbeing?

  1. Not really! She’s just said that she loves to express herself through making her own jewelry.
  2. One time she said the bracelets actually remind her of herself, because sometimes her mental state feels like a few colorful beads being strung together on a tiny little string. So if that counts, yeah.


Have you brought up your concerns with her?

  1. Yes, and she appreciated my concern but assured me that nothing was wrong.
  2. No. Nothing comes between her and the bracelets. I fear the worst.





Mostly 1s: This woman probably isn’t depressed, but she still might be. Why else would somebody spend so much of their time making bracelets?


Mostly 2s: This woman is extremely depressed. It’s great that she has an outlet, though. Just try being supportive, and let her know that you’re there for her whenever she needs it. You might get a cool little bracelet out of it!