QUIZ: Are You Depressed or Just Awake?

Mental health is a complicated thing. It can take years of therapy to get to the bottom of your emotional issues. That’s why we made this simple quiz to help you figure out if you suffer from clinical depression or if you’re just awake right now. Take this quiz to find out!


  1. When you get up on the morning, you feel…

a.) Nothing, just a kind of emptiness.

b.) Annoyed about the alarm. I wanna go back to sleep!


  1. How would you describe yourself?

a.) Completely worthless – a bad person.

b.) Tired? Waking up to the news is exhausting.


  1. What do you currently have an appetite for in terms of food?

a.) Nothing.

b.) Coffee and maybe something sugary. If I just find the right snack I might get through the afternoon.


  1. To you, the world feels…

a.) Oppressive and joyless.

b.) Bright! Somebody shut these blinds! Ahh!


  1. The worst thing you can think of is…

a.) Continuing to live.

b.) A world without naps!


If you got…


Mostly A’s…

Okay, sorry but it sounds like you might be suffering from depression and should consult a mental health professional. This is not a joke.


Mostly B’s…

Okay, we get that you wish you were in bed, but this is not a mental health crisis. Just hop in the shower, shake it off, and try to get to bed earlier tonight. You’re gonna be okay.