Are You Depressed Or Just Doing It For Attention Because You’re Depressed?

So you’re alone in your room on a Saturday night and thinking about posting a Facebook status about how sad you are. Is this the right move? Before you hit “post”, take a good long moment to reflect on whether you’re actually clinically depressed, or if you’re just looking for some attention because you’re in need of treatment for your depression. Here’s a helpful guide.


How funny is your status about being depressed?

If your status is at all funny, you’re probably not depressed so much as you’re trying to entertain people and get their validation in order to medicate your deep depression. Sorry, you are not really depressed.


How many times have you showered in the last week?

This one is tricky. If you haven’t showered at all in the last week, you’re probably depressed. But you could also be doing it for attention because you want people to know you’re depressed, because you are depressed. If you’ve showered 2-3 times in the last week but you cried every time, you might be depressed. But you also might be trying to get you’re roommate to ask if you’re okay, since you aren’t okay—you’re depressed.



Are you on medication for your depression?

Did a professional doctor prescribe you that medication? If you answered yes, it’s because you want attention because attention makes you feel less depressed. If you’ve been quietly sneaking medication from the medicine cabinets of everyone you know, you’re actually depressed, and it’s time to seek some attention.


Are your friends concerned about you?

If your friends are sending you text messages such as, “Saw your status. Are you okay? Please call me…I’m worried,” then you’re definitely acting depressed for attention in order to feel something other than your usual depression. If you’re looking to connect with other human beings that care about you, because you feel like you’ve lost all hope and this is maybe the one thing that will pull you back from the edge, you’re not depressed. Sounds like you just want attention because you think it will make you less depressed.


Depression is a very real and very miserable condition, not to be faked by people just looking to ease the symptoms of their depression. It’s important to make sure you’re doing it right. Good luck!