Five Signs You’re Ready To Get Married for The Attention

So you’ve got the venue, the ring and the dress all picked out. Maybe you’ve even got the significant other, too. But how are you supposed know for sure you’re ready to get married specifically for the attention? Don’t worry! These are the top five signs you’re prepared to strut down the aisle and say, “I do” for all the wrong reasons!


You have a really cute Instagram wedding hashtag picked out.

Thanks to social media, getting married for the attention is more rewarding than ever. Just make sure you have a really cute, clickable hashtag picked out waaaay beforehand so people can scroll through tons of photos showing how hot you look on your big day and how accomplished you are for doing something that millions of people do each year. Puns combining your last name with your spouse’s last name have become the norm, but just make sure the hashtag’s subtext is “I’m getting married. And, honestly, that makes me important!”


Your partner is good-looking and/or very wealthy.

Some people are tempted to find a life-long partner with a good personality and kindly spirit, but what buzz will that generate? A hot body and beautiful face turns heads! That said, if your future spouse isn’t hot, don’t despair. Being very, very wealthy works too. Remember: money talks, and it gets people talking about you!


Your sister or best friend is about to get married.

Let’s say you’re ready to say, “I do” in the abstract, but you’re not sure when to do it. Just remember, there’s no perfect timing in life, but the best you can do is ensure that you get hitched before your best friend and/or your sister. You can go even further by picking a wedding day that’s super close to theirs. That way, you’ll ensure that your big day is all about you, and their big day is all about you too!


You desperately need this.

Life not going great? Emotional void to fill? Nothing occupies that gnawing empty feeling quite like a big, lavish wedding and subsequent wave of congratulations and praise! So if you really need an ego boost, don’t overthink it. Just take the leap!


Only you can know if you’re ready to get married. But when it comes to getting attention, use these signs to determine if the best time to get married is right this very instant!