Five Tips For Landing Your Dream Job That Completely Ignore Motherhood

Going after your dream job may feel difficult, but it’s definitely not impossible! All it takes is a bit of focus, hard work, perseverance, and total disregard of the realities of motherhood and raising children in general. So, just follow our advice, which completely erases the demands of being a mom from the equation, and you’ll be sure to land the ultimate gig in no time!


Act as if you already have the job you want.

The law of attraction states that if you visualize the life of your dreams, you’ll manifest it into reality. By simply acting as though you already have the job you want, you can watch it take shape before your eyes! Of course, people may point out that many common dream jobs offer inadequate maternity leave or schedule flexibility policies, thus making them unviable paths for future or current mothers. So just pretend that those don’t affect you, even though they overwhelmingly do, and maybe that dream job will become a reality. You go, girl!


Do some networking.

Building a strong professional network is essential to your career trajectory, so make sure you’re constantly making new connections and keeping in touch with old ones. Naturally, you’ll mostly be networking with men and women without children who couldn’t possibly understand the demands of being a working mother, and their advice may be more harmful than helpful. But it’s important to ignore that fact and, we don’t know, just get new business cards or something. Werk!


Devote yourself to your goal 24 hours a day somehow.

To get what you want, you really need to give it your all. And anyone can do that! I mean, for you, it’ll mean sacrificing your social life, your hobbies, and “being an active parent.” But you’re gonna have to look past that if you want to make your dreams a reality. Your neglected kid will be fine!


Let your career unfold on its own timeline.

Here’s the truth: even if you devote yourself fully to the pursuit of your dream job, the timeline is out of your control. It may take weeks, it may take years, but just have faith. You’ll ultimately get there. You may ask, “How am I supposed to provide for my family in the meantime?” And to be honest, we don’t know! Maybe if this country had better safety nets and means of supporting motherhood, the very act that provides hope for the future of society, you wouldn’t have to settle into a career that you don’t actually want just to put food on the table. But it doesn’t, so, look past it! The world is yours!


Landing your dream job is difficult for anyone, but it’s nearly impossible to try to do so while also being a mother. But like, I don’t know, just get over it I guess!