How to Get Back in Shape After Pregnancy but Not Too Fast! You Should Be Focusing on Your Baby!  

Pregnancy is an intimate, transformative experience that results in the greatest gift of all: a beautiful baby. Of course, pregnancy also transforms your body, and as a new mother it’s your responsibility to fix that quickly while also caring for your precious infant who is totally depending on you. Follow these easy tips to get all your postpartum weight off fast, but not too fast! You should really be focusing on your baby!


Don’t delay.

It’s important to start the process of getting back in shape right away. Ideally, you should workout throughout the duration of your pregnancy to limit the deterioration of your fitness. But is working out in the third trimester really safe for your baby? What’s more important? Hitting the gym or ensuring the health of your child? Anyway, start counteracting pregnancy weight gain during the gestation period so that your body can look how it’s supposed to after you give birth: like Gal Gadot’s. You’ll need to be in your physical prime in order to take care of your baby, which is all that matters!


Meal prep.

With a busy and unpredictable schedule it may be tempting to just eat whatever you can get your hands on in a rare free moment, but that habit won’t get you your body back. Avoid thoughtless consumption by planning nutrient-dense and balanced meals for yourself at the beginning of the week. But then again, shouldn’t you be spending that time making sure your baby develops secure attachment and doesn’t come to resent you for being a cold bitch who thinks only of herself? Eek! You’re doing a bad job!



Drink more water.

The process of pregnancy literally rearranges your organs to make room for the growing fetus, and that’s a beautiful thing because your baby deserves everything! But now you need to immediately get rid of any signs that your body was ever pregnant because it’s disgusting and beautiful and really gross! Luckily, getting back in shape is incredibly easy so there’s no excuse! All you have to do is drink more water! Just walk to the kitchen, fill a glass, take a sip. Are you still in the kitchen? Why aren’t you holding your baby? GO GET HER. SHE’S DEVELOPING LOW SELF ESTEEM FROM YOUR NEGLECT.


So get to work on getting your body back, because your baby stole it from you, but you’re selfish if you weren’t happy to give your body away, but also it’s time to be skinny now. Good luck, mommy!