How To Come To Terms With The Fact You’ll Never Be Princess Diaries’d

It is impossible to watch the fun and heartwarming coming-of-age story in The Princess Diaries without wondering what you’d do if your grandmother Clarisse came into town to let you know you’re the princess of Genovia. While it’s fun to imagine, you’re now officially in your late twenties and there are no signs you might secretly be royalty. And that’s okay! Actually, no it’s not. It’s horrible. Here’s how to come to terms with the fact that you will never be Princess Diaries’d in your lifetime.


Remind yourself that Genovia isn’t even a real country.

We know all the countries in the world and we can easily google their royal lineages or their current leadership structures. Even though it feels possible that Julie Andrews could disrupt your life with the crazy news that you don’t have to be a sad dork forever, this will not happen. All the princesses know they are princesses. Genovia is made up by writer Meg Cabot. The truth hurts, and so does the devastating fact that you are a normal girl. Sorry!


Understand that the limo driving by isn’t for you

Stop looking at limos longingly because despite the fact that you think Joe, the kind head of Julie Andrews’ security, is going to slow down and convince you to go to a ball, that’s not going to happen. And if it was, it would have happened already. Maybe you can find peace in the fact that Anne Hathaway isn’t even the Princess of Genovia? She’s a very successful actress pretending to be a princess?


Remember you don’t need to be a literal princess… except you do.

In many ways, being a princess is a state of mind. Even though Paolo isn’t here with his hot Italian assistants to change the way you look, you can still take it upon yourself to dress to feel confident. You can exude elegance through being…you, someone who is destined to be the ‘before’ photo for the rest of her life. And where’s your hot mechanic musician who’s been secretly in love with you from the start? Nowhere? Okay!




Use these tips to remember that even though Mia Thermopolis gets Princess Diaries’d, you won’t. And that’s not okay but is the reality. So pop in a movie with the girls and enjoy some comfort food. Maybe this time choose a movie like Shrek, so you don’t have to feel sad about not being Shrek’d.