New Yoga Class Just An Hour of Bending Down to See if Your Period Has Soaked Through Your Pants  

Just when you thought the yoga trend had reached a plateau, another trend is making waves: Started out of a studio in San Francisco, this new yoga class is just an hour of bending down to see if your period has soaked through your pants.


“We really wanted to figure out a way to incorporate the calming and grounding aspects of yoga into the everyday stressors of life,” said studio owner Peyton Rassin. “And I can’t think of anything more stressful than the pervasive worry that you’ve leaked period blood onto your pants.”


“And in the spirit of cooperation, downward facing dog is a great way for others to be able to see if you’ve had a bit of a leak,” Peyton added. “This is extra important for women who are intent on wearing white.”


“I love it, I go at least five to seven days a month,” said Lauren Peebles. “It not only strengthens my core, it makes contorting to see if I waited too long to change my tampon much easier on my back, and way less weird when we’re all doing it together.“


“And there aren’t ever any men in the class to hit on you, which is a bonus!” she added.



But the class seems like it’s here to stay.


“It was a big risk, but people are really enjoying the class,” said Peyton. “We have a waitlist for next month, but only for one week.”


“It seems the class is not only making everyone more flexible,” she added. “It’s syncing everyone up.”