How To Fuck Him So Hard He Puts His Glass Of Water Back In The Sink When He Leaves

There’s nothing like putting a guy in his place in the bedroom – so why not spice up your sex life by banging a dude so hard he’s ready to finally bring that glass of water back to the sink when you’re done? You may feel shy at first, but after you realize this means you’re the boss of him in and out of the bedroom, you’ll never turn back. Here’s how to fuck a guy so hard he timidly puts that glass back in the sink when he leaves.


Get on top.

To fuck a dude silly, try getting on top of him, so you can be in control. Hold his hands down and tease him a little before getting things started. You may be used to missionary, but you better believe he’ll be turned on when you take the reins! Either way, after he finishes he’ll say “thank you” before pulling his pants up and dropping off the glass of water you poured for him in the sink. Never let him forget that he’s a guest in this household!


Tell him who’s boss.

Nothing is hotter than some serious dirty talk. Don’t be afraid to drop a little “Do you like that?” and “I’m going to fuck you so hard” so he knows that yeah, you’re going to fuck him so hard that he never forgets to put the toilet seat down or wash his dish when you’re around. Nothing like an insanely raw hard fuck to show him he should be picking up after himself like an adult!



Don’t let him finish.

It can be really hot to let a dude know, moments before he finishes, that he shouldn’t come yet. When you finally let him come he’ll be so overwhelmed at the delayed gratification that he’ll be picking up every loose plate and cup in your bedroom and start alphabetizing your books. Sounds like someone is about to feed your cat on the way out!


You heard it here first, ladies, time to fuck a dick so hard that he returns his glass of water to your sink before leaving your house. It’s so awesome when guys display the ultimate sign of respect and gratitude: not leaving dirty dishes around your home for you to clean up later!